marrazm (marrazm) wrote,

Boston snowstorm stories

This list of top 10 snowstorms took me down memory lane:

#1, 2003. Left work around 12 as snow was beginning to come down heavily; on the way home, helped a car get out of a snowbank. Got home, considered the situation, called up a few people and went to one of my favorite spots - the BC Seminary. Went sledding by the romantic chapel on top of the hill wit Ilya Buldyrev Liza Gutina Sasha Stephen Peter D Dimitar-Tatiana Zlatev. Afterwards, went to Buldyrev's house for some tea, as snow kept falling outside. Then, Zio escorted me back home on skis. Cars looked like snow mounds, and Brookline wa deserted. Near my house, people were sledding down Corey Rd

#4, 1997. Had an economics exam that day, which I was completely unprepared for. Spent most of the night studying, panicking about the exam. In the morning, I found out Tufts cancelled classes. In the morning, went over to the Buldyrev's house (who then lived right up the hill) to help them clear their gigantic driveway. Spent half the day clearing it with Val. 

#9, 1994. Walked to school through giant drifts. Concept of school cancellations was foreign to me :) On the way, wondered why no one else was walking to school along with me. On arrival, I found a completely dark and empty high school, except for one lonely secretary, who promptly informed me that there was no school. I learned fast, though, and would spend hours waching and praying next to the TV in subsequent storms, willing the running cancellations thread on the local news to show the magic words. 

#10, 2010. Hung out with the Crew in Boston, a Fima Furman's house, celebratin Alex Furman's bday. A perfect way to spend the blizzard - all of my favorite people in a cozy house, with snow falling outside


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