Misha's restaurant reviews: Pushkin

Brasserie Pushkin

Yes, it's not cheap. Yes, it's slightly pompous (something I usually frown upon). Yes, they could have done with a few less decorations. But after all of that, you come to a place for the food, and Pushkin delivers. Chicken Kiev Caesar Salad was perfect, with a great blend of lettuce, cheese and the small succulent pieces of chicken. The borsht, while probably not the best I've ever had, was pretty damn good. The Pozharsky cutlet was superb, rich and perfectly fried. I also loved the medovichok dessert, a mix of dulce de leche ice cream and pastry. Not a place to come to regularly, but so far, the best russian food on the island. 

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I've recently been exploring the lesser known parts of this city - something I've always loved doing. This is what Robert D Kaplan called "serious parts of town" - the underbelly of the metropolis.


Посмотрели Шапито-Шоу. Один из наиболее понравившихся мне русских фильмов последних лет. Сергей Лобан ("Пыль") всегда очень удачно балансирует между абсурдом и реализмом, с прекрасным результатом - маразм, который раскрывает какие-то грани жизни, а не просто маразм ради маразма. Герои, вместе с которыми переживаешь, и к которым меняешь отношение по ходу действия - это вообще редкий случай. Как и в Пыли, очень точно подобраны музыка и актеры. Итог - арт хаус, который можно смотреть нормальным людям. 

Family history. Part 2

Continuing the genealogical series, this appears to be where the Ukrainian side of my family is from - Neseno-Irzhavec, Poltava Oblast (my ancestors loved those hyphenated place names). No good pictures from the area, but here is a house in the vicinity that can be had for $10,000. I've been looking for my dacha in all the wrong places...

Family history. Part 1

Had a long talk with my dad last night about our family's history. This is a photo of where the Russian side of my family comes from (my dad's mom). A village in Ryazan Oblast named Shevali-Maydany. 

Coolest family legend - rumors of a beautiful Turkish bride somewhere on my Ukrainian side. That would explain a lot.

Misha's restaurant reviews: Mile End

Mile End

Went to this tiny place last weekend. It styles itself as a Montreal-style Jewish deli, and it's a cozy, hipsteresque storefront in Boerum Hill. Everything we tried was delicious - delectable smoked meats, matzo ball soup, and, of course, poutine! Need to come back here for Montreal-style bagels, which are so much better than the regular New York ones. The ambiance only adds to the deliciousness without adding to the pretentioness. Le' win!


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Around the World. The Stats

The trip was complete when I landed in the same place I took off from, JFK airport. 

Total miles travelled: 29,517
Total flights: 9
Total hours in flight: 60
Countries: New Zealand, Australia, UAE, India
Path: NYC > SF > LA > Auckland > Christchurch > Arthur's Pass > Moana > Greymouth > Okarito > Franz Josef Glacier > Fox Glacier > Haast > Wanaka > Queenstown > Invercargill > Bluff > Riverton > Te Anau > Milford Sound > Manapouri > Doubtful Sound > Te Anau > Queenstown > Auckland > Sydney > Katoomba > Sydney > Dubai > Delhi > Kota > Delhi > NYC

Around the World. India

The first thing I saw once I got to my hotel in Delhi was the headline of a newspaper that proclaimed that the airline I flew from Dubai, Kingfisher, was deemed a safety risk and ordered to shutdown. Awesome. 

After much needed sleep, I set about exploring Delhi. The New Delhi area, where I stayed, was very unlike most Indian cities. It featured tree-lined boulevards, orderly public squares, and (gasp) actual traffic lights. I was so energized by the orderliness of the place, that I walked all the way to Humayun's tomb, a sort of a poor man's Taj Mahal. I finished the day by hanging out with my good friend Abi, who took me to a revolving restaurant that would have had an amazing view if not for the thick smog/fog covering the city.

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