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Family History, Part 3

...and now for the Jewish side of the family. This is Pochinok, Belarus, where my great-grandmother was born. Dina Brodsky, I guess I can no longer make fun of Belarus ;) 

After marrying my great-grandfather, Myron Bass, they moved to Vitebsk, 
where my grandpa Simon Bass was born,
and then, managed to evacuate to Omsk, . Myron was a religious Jew. Bob, I guess I can no longer make fun of religious Jews either...

My grandfather, Simon Bass, and my grandparents

Family history. Part 2

Continuing the genealogical series, this appears to be where the Ukrainian side of my family is from - Neseno-Irzhavec, Poltava Oblast (my ancestors loved those hyphenated place names). No good pictures from the area, but here is a house in the vicinity that can be had for $10,000. I've been looking for my dacha in all the wrong places...

Family history. Part 1

Had a long talk with my dad last night about our family's history. This is a photo of where the Russian side of my family comes from (my dad's mom). A village in Ryazan Oblast named Shevali-Maydany. 

Coolest family legend - rumors of a beautiful Turkish bride somewhere on my Ukrainian side. That would explain a lot.